Student Nurses at Silver Spring Neighborhood Center Health Care discussing with a client the amount of sugar in foods

Nurses doing their work where people live, work, learn and pray is the future of health care and the foundation for healthier communities.

Local Milwaukee communities have received health promotion and health care for over 30 years through the School of Nursing’s community nursing centers. The extraordinary success of this community engagement, which provides services to some of the state’s most underserved populations, laid the foundation for the Institute for Urban Health Partnerships (IUHP), which was launched in 1996 with a grant from the Faye McBeath Foundation.

Vanessa Baldwin and Jessica Hertig outside of House of Peace
Nurse clinicians Vanessa Baldwin and Jessica Hertig outside of The House of Peace, Milwaukee.
Michele Faltinson sits in a patient room with a mom to be holding a diagram of a pregnant mom
Nurse clinician Michele Faltinson works with clients at the Silver Spring Community Nursing Center.

Community Partnership

Working hand in hand with community organizations and residents, School of Nursing faculty, staff and students are making a real difference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and across the globe through the UWM Community Nursing Centers and the Center for Global Health Equity.

Take a closer look at our community engagement practices, community-focused education, community action partnerships and community-focused research.

For over 30 years, the School of Nursing has offered health services and education in and around Milwaukee through our nurse-led Community Nursing Centers. Locations include the UWM Silver Spring Community Nursing Center and House of Peace Nursing Center.
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Teaching Today’s Students about Tomorrow’s America (TTSTA) has two educational objectives: to educate health care workers and students about the unique needs of refugees and to teach people from different health professions how to work together.
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The School of Nursing has more than 50 years of building successful, longstanding partnerships with health and human service organizations, Wisconsin employers, public and private academic institutions, governmental units and community-based organizations and residents.
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Since 2015, the School of Nursing has partnered with fire departments in the midwest to offer the Community Paramedic Training Program, addressing the “Triple Aim” and leading to healthier communities.
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The School of Nursing is proud to partner with Advocate Aurora Health and EdAssist to offer quality educational programs at an affordable tuition rate.
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