Faculty in the School of Nursing provide national leadership in advancing geriatric health care through clinical intervention research, bench science needed for innovative intervention development, and theory development and testing.

Our team specializes in research from early older adults to the frail and vulnerable who reside in various settings from community-dwelling to long-term care facilities.

The following are key areas of focus:

  1. Healthy aging
  2. Physical mobility and frailty
  3. Self-management of chronic conditions
  4. Racial/ethnical disparities in older adults
  5. Use of technology in older adults

Our research in Geriatric Health Care is strengthened by interdisciplinary partnerships, a spirit of innovation, and a focus on methodological sophistication. Interventions currently being studied include technology-based exercise programs such as robots and devices for physical movement, mHealth app for self-management, theory-based behavioral interventions for elderly in assisted living facilities, and medication self-management in African Americans.

Geriatric Health Researchers

Julie Ellis
  • Associate Professor
Murad Taani
  • Associate Professor