Jeana Holt

Jeana Holt, PhD, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, APNP

  • Assistant Professor

Dr. Holt’s clinical practice, academic training, leadership opportunities, and research experience focus on improving health equity by uncovering and addressing root causes that contribute to physical and behavioral health disparities. She achieves this through the application of implementation science methods that promote the uptake, integration, and sustainability of proven practices, interventions, and policies into clinical care. Dr. Holt values engagement with individuals, families, and communities as a critical component of the process.

The purpose of Dr. Holt's research is to understand the complex relationships between social and structural determinants of health, from biology to policy, and nursing science.

Description of program of research: Often, populations that experience health disparities face social and structural elements that negatively impact their overall health status. At the community and system level, Dr. Holt co-develops, tests, and evaluates interventions that address health's social and structural determinants using discovery, implementation science, community-based participatory research, and design thinking methods. In addition, she empowers the next generation of advanced practice nurses and nurse scientists to influence system change by incorporating design thinking methodologies into the curriculum.

Dr. Holt operationalizes this by:

  • Analyzing existing datasets using predictive analytics, statistics, and modeling techniques applied to historical data to predict future maternal and infant outcomes.
  • Co-developing and testing interventions with community members to contextualize data and understand people, their health, and priorities.
  • Examining the implementation of technology designed to share patients’ needs, values, and preferences with care teams.
  • Developing care systems responsive to community-level strengths, challenges, and needs using the Omaha System that systematically and comprehensively collects whole-person data and intervention preferences.


PhD      UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing, 2020
DNP     UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing, 2012
MSN     Family Nurse Practitioner, UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing, 2005
BSN      Winona State University, 1997

Medical College of Wisconsin Academic Fellowship in Primary Care Research, Department of Family & Community Medicine, Milwaukee, WI
Health Resources and Services Administration Grant T32HP10030

Research Interest
Evaluate how to best empower patients through digital health tools within the context of existing systems of care.

Selected Intellectual Contributions

Holt, J.M., Cusatis, R., Mortensen, N., Wolfrath, N., Hyun, N., Winn, A. N., Brown, S.-A., Somai, M. M., & Crotty, B. H. (2022). Twenty-first century house calls: a survey of ambulatory care providers to inform organisational telehealth strategy. BMJ Health & Care Informatics, 29(1). Impact Factor = 2.279

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Holt, J. M., Kibicho, J., & Bell-Calvin, J. (2022). Factors that Sustained the Integration of Behavioral Health into Nurse-led Primary Care. Community Mental Health Journal. 10.1007/s10597-022-00976-0 Impact Factor = 2.469

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Holt, J. M., Brooke, K. L., Pryor, N. S., Cohen, S. M., Tsai, P., & Zabler, B. (2020). Using the Omaha System for a Formative Evaluation of the Integration of Behavioral Health Services into Nurse-Led Primary Care. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 37(1) Impact Factor = 0.974

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Kellner Entrepreneurship Fellow Award, 2023

DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty, 2021

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Eta Nu Chapter, 2020

Poster Symposium 2nd place Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2020

Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Family & Community Medicine Community Partnership Award, 2018

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Eta Nu Chapter, 2017

Poster Symposium, 2nd place Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2017

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Eta Nu Chapter, Mentorship Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2016

15th Annual Building Bridges to Research-Based Nursing Practice, 1st Place Research Poster Award, Milwaukee, WI, 2015

Graduate School Chancellor’s Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010 & 2011

Milton and Joan Morris Graduate Scholarship, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2003

Advanced Education Nurse, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing Traineeship, 2004-05

Magnum Cum Laude, Winona State University, 1997

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Winona State University Chapter, 1997

Vice-President, Minnesota Nursing Student Association, Winona State University Chapter, 1996-1997

Dean’s List, Winona State University, 1995-97


Wisconsin Public Health Research Network, Member, 2019-Present

Omaha System Board of Directors, 2016-Present

Midwest Nursing Research Society, 2017-Present

Society of General Internal Medicine, 2017- Present

Metro Milwaukee Nurse Practitioners Board of Directors, 2015-Present

Metro Milwaukee Nurse Practitioners, Member 2005-08, 2015-Present

National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties, Member,  2014- Present

National League for Nurses, 2014-Present

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing – Eta Nu Chapter, 1997-Present

Community-based Research Network for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeastern WI, Member,  2012-Present

American Nurses Association, Member, 2003- Present

Wisconsin Nurses Association, Member, 2003- Present

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Member, 2003- Present