Lynne Woerhle

Lynne Woehrle, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • MSP Director


PhD Social Science, Syracuse University
MA Sociology, Syracuse University
MA International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
BA Peace Studies, Colgate University

My research focuses on documenting, analyzing and evaluating how people identify, challenge and transform injustice in their communities. By working with specific communities and organizations, my goal is to expand our knowledge of how communities which are equitable and peaceful can be developed. As a social scientist I study ways that communities and organizations can change from practices of structural or direct violence to supporting inclusive, sustainable, and nonviolent social systems. Specifically, I research organizations that address difficult social problems, analyze their change-making behavior and contextualize it in larger social institutions (e.g. race, class, gender) and the intersections of those social structures.

Awards & Honors

Co-authored article, Coy, P.G., Woehrle, L.M., Maney, G.M., 2008 “Discursive legacies: The U.S. peace movement and ‘support the troops,’” named Outstanding Published Article of 2008 by the American Sociological Association’s section on Peace, War and Social Conflict.

Current Research

Impact of Greening on Urban Neighborhoods and Urban Peacebuilding

Health at the Community Level

System interventions in racism and community efforts for racial justice

Intellectual Contributions

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Community Engagement

WUWM, Lake Effect, interview about Hartung Park, April and July 2017

WUWM radio interview about Tosa Together and racial justice initiatives, March 2017


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