New 2019 UWM Research magazine celebrates cutting-edge work

The 2019 edition of UWM Research magazine, now available in print and online, showcases the efforts of nearly 100 faculty members, students and staff. It’s a celebration of the dedicated expertise that makes UWM one of America’s top research universities.

“Every three years, the prestigious Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education designates which universities have the highest research activity,” UWM Chancellor Mark Mone writes in the magazine’s welcome message. “In 2018, only 130 of the 4,338 universities and colleges evaluated achieved this designation. I’m extremely proud that UWM, for the second consecutive time, was one of the institutions so honored.”

More than 50 articles showcase the work of UWM’s research-conducting schools and colleges. In addition to in-depth features, stunning photography and eye-catching design, you’ll find sections that spotlight UWM’s new Lubar Entrepreneurship Center and UWM’s research on public health. Special sections are also dedicated to the impressive work of UWM’s undergraduate and graduate researchers.

The magazine’s online version augments those stories with engaging multimedia packages, including infographics, videos and photo slideshows.

The cover story features the work of Purush Papatla, professor of marketing at the Lubar School of Business and UWM’s interim co-director of the new Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute. He incorporates data science and a deep interest in psychology and anthropology into his work, which studies why and how people engage with online advertising and, more importantly, why they buy things.

Other stories cut across a broad range of topics, from nanotechnology to exoskeleton robotics, from sustainable agriculture to how fathers could help lower the infant mortality rate, and much more. See the role UWM researchers play in assisting individuals and entire communities move from trauma to healing. Learn how researchers are examining the impact that diversity can have on innovation in engineering work teams. Explore the history and research behind UWM’s world-renowned classical guitar program.

Recent books authored by UWM faculty are also highlighted, as are UWM’s top 10 research grants for 2018. And throughout the magazine, you’ll get a stronger sense of UWM’s commitment to forging partnerships with businesses, nonprofits and governmental organizations. It’s all a testament to the incredible impact of Wisconsin’s only public, urban, engaged research university.

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