UWM and Medical College team up to research attention

Wendy Huddleston has teamed up with faculty and students from both UWM and the Medical College of Wisconsin to form the Milwaukee Attention Group to investigate how differences in attention affect performance on a tasks that involve vision, hearing and movement.

UWM professor wins digital design education award

Mark Keane, professor of architecture, has received a national award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture for a digital architectural education program, www.NEXT.cc. Professor Linda Keane of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago shares the award, which is given to architectural educators for exemplary work in building design, community collaborations, scholarship and […]

Fossil find helps date the origin of complex animals

The earliest complex animals were soft-bodied creatures without bones, which explains why they have left a scant fossil record. The next best thing to validate their existence? Find fossil evidence of their behavior, such as trackways and burrowing. That’s what a group of scientists, including UWM’s Stephen Dornbos, recently uncovered in ancient marine rocks of […]

Students can learn and earn in FOCUSS credit union contest at UWM

Students interested in making a positive change in underserved communities, while possibly making some change for themselves (prize amounts range from $1,000 to $100), have until Friday, March 16, to craft an original proposal for a credit union that serves a community of multigenerational, multicultural, multiracial consumers. Their ideas will be evaluated and then presented […]