Going mobile

Jie Yu and her team are developing a public transit app for UWM students that bundles multiple public and private modes of transportation.

A young girl climbs steps at a mobility lab

An early diagnosis

Researchers are helping parents and children learn more about hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare disease that causes joint pain and fatigue.

Person with face in hands against a background of falling dominoes

Seeing the warning signs

To improve treatment for PTSD, Christine Larson is researching better ways to identify and respond to risk factors of PTSD.

Books and other school supplies, with a hand writing 'apple mela' on a notecard

The language of learning

Research shows that teachers can build on their bilingual students’ first language to improve their overall educational progress.

Photo illustration of Tibetan singing bowl against a background of sound waves

A sound equation

Using instruments and algorithms, Georg Essl creates sounds in ways that might stretch the imagination.

Urban planning associate professor Kirk Harris against gradient background

Giving voice

Kirk Harris’ study was conducted in Chicago, but the professor says its findings can contribute to building safe and healthy communities everywhere.

Bee visiting a purple flower

Where the bees are

Jeffrey Karron tracks pollinator activity and observes plant reproduction strategies, including the intricacies of cross-pollination.

Hands being washed with soap

Taking a clean look

When the FDA banned 19 antibacterial additives from over-the-counter hand soaps, UWM researcher Hongbo Ma took a look at some of the replacements. What she found: Some of the new chemicals were more toxic than the ones they replaced.

Spotlight: Entrepreneurship

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Researchers pose for picture in lab

Nurturing new treatments

The Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery at UWM assists scientists in their quests to bring life-changing pharmaceuticals to the marketplace.

Spotlight: Health and Wellness

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Professor Masha Ranji looks at cells with fluorescent imaging tech

A better look at diabetic brains

UWM researchers are developing innovative imaging technology to detect alterations in the brain’s blood flow and metabolism.


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Student Research

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Illustration of a rocket launching

Safer fueling for rocket launches

UWM mechanical engineering doctoral student Amin Zarandi is exploring ways to fine-tune rocket fuel tanks to improve the fuel-burning process.

By the Numbers


Portrait of UWM Chancellor Mark Mone

Chancellor’s Welcome

Chancellor Mark Mone invites you to learn more about the groundbreaking research pursued by UWM faculty members, staff and students.