Themes Explained

Themes Explained

L&S websites created in WordPress are built using a template called a THEME. The earliest WordPress L&S websites were built in THEME 1. Sometime later, THEME 2 was developed to offer more flexibility and functionality for the College website. Now it is also used for many L&S websites. The major visual difference between the two themes lies in the HERO section. Below are examples of each theme’s homepage.

It is helpful to identify your website’s theme, as you will find that there are differences in visual capabilities and coding standards.

A Look at Theme 1

Department of Anthropology

4 images across the Hero section, 3 columns below
Anthropology site example

Conservation and Environmental Science

Translucent box with text over large image, action button, quicklinks, and 2 columns below
CES site example

Hmong Diaspora Studies Program

White box with metaslider over graphic background, captions, quicklinks and 2 columns below
Hmong site example

A Look at Theme 2

Atmospheric Science

Large image slideshow in Hero section, text overlays image, 3 columns below
Atmospheric Science site example

TRIO & Pre-College Programs

Large image slideshow in Hero section, text overlays image, 2 columns below