Editing Content in WordPress

Editing Content in WordPress

Let’s assume you need to add a short sentence to the text on one of your pages. First, go to your homepage. Find the page that needs the text addition by using the main menu, as you normally would to find a page. To demonstrate here, the change will be made on the “About C21” page.

illustrating how to navigate to a page for editing: find in browser, click edit page in WP menu at top

  1. Choose Main Menu link “About C21.” Notice you are taken to that page (image, below).
  2. In the dashboard control panel above the “header,” choose EDIT PAGE.

illustrating how to modify a page: make correction, publish, view page

The image, above, shows the Edit Page mode. If your page looks different, choose the VISUAL tab to the right and above the main text box.

  1. Type in your change, addition, or correction.
  2. Always UPDATE. Wait as WordPress processes your update. (Next to Update button, a spinning circle within a circle will stop once the update is complete)
  3. To make sure your change, addition, or correction appears on the webpage correctly, choose View Page.