Freshwater Colloquium: Trends in Aquaculture

female student with fish net by large tank

The School of Freshwater Sciences’ spring colloquium focuses on Trends in Aquaculture: Meeting the Challenge of Feeding a Changing World. The Freshwater Colloquium creates a platform for students, faculty and scientists to discuss their research and emergent issues related to freshwater resources. Presentations are open to the public.

All events will take place on Mondays from 4:30-5:20 p.m. either virtually and/or at the School of Freshwater Sciences/Great Lakes Research Facility, 600 E. Greenfield Ave., First Floor Ballroom.

Feb. 6 (virtual only): Water and Nutrient Recycling When Producing Salmon and Salad Greens in a Regenerative Farming Model at Superior Fresh, Steven Summerfelt, Superior Fresh LLC Sciences
Feb. 20 (virtual only): Harvest, Starvation, and Recovery of Nitrification in a 15,000-Fish Freshwater Yellow Perch Recirculating Aquaculture System, Carmen Aguilar and Russell Cuhel, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
Feb. 27: Using Ecosystem Dynamics to Make Weather Forecasts, Paul Roebber, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
March 6: Flavobacterium Fish Pathogens: Motility, Protein Secretion, and Virulence, Mark McBride, UWM College of Letters and Sciences
March 13 (virtual only): The Anthropology of Aquaculture, Barry Costa-Pierce, Ecological Aquaculture Foundation & Nord University
March 27 (virtual only): Aquaculture Research at the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility, Emma Hauser, UW-Stevens Point Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility & Wisconsin Sea Grant
April 3: Stripping Away the Soil: Plant Growth Promoting Microbiology Opportunities in Aquaponics, Ryan Newton, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
April 10: A Selective Breeding Program at the National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center and Future Trends, Brian Peterson, National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center, USDA Agricultural Research Service
April 17: Seafood Economics: A Path to Improving Sustainability, Fernando Gonçalves, Virginia Tech Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center
April 24: Remotely Sensed Imagery Reveals Animal Feeding Operations Increase Downstream Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus, Zach Raff, UW-Stout College of Arts and Human Sciences
May 1: Genomics and Metabolomics in Aquaculture Research, Jacob Bledsoe, University of Idaho Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station
May 8: Fish Health in Land-Based Salmonid RAS Facilities, Chris Good, The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute
May 15: Development of Water Technologies: Awaking the Inventor Within, Marcia Silva, University of Illinois