Margaret Noodin



PhD, University of Minnesota
MFA, University of Minnesota

Areas of Research and Teaching

Indigenous and American Indian Literature and Culture
Language Revitalization
Language Pedagogy and Curriculum
Anishinaabemowin Poetry and Stories
Global Indigenous Intellectual Traditions

Other Relevant Activities

Director, Electa Quinney Institute
Co-Editor, The Papers of the Algonquian Conference
Book Review Editor, Studies in American Indian Literatures Journal
Board Member, Anishinaabemowin-Teg
Board Member, Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia

Recent Publications

Perley, Bernard C., Noodin, Margaret A., and Black, Henrietta M. “Bimaadizijig gaa giizhenindaagoziwag ji-zaagi’igowaad. Pəmawhsowinowok kisiyapənik weci kseləmot. People were created to be loved.” Sovereign Traces: Relational Constellation 2. Michigan State University Press, (2019): 3-15.

Perley, Bernard C., Noodin, Margaret A., and Baldwin, Darrel. “Surviving the Sixth Extinction: American Indian Strategies for Life in the New World.” After Extinction. Ed. Richard Grusin. University of Minnesota Press, (2018): 201-233.

Noodin, Margaret A. “Waasamodibaajibiigemaazoying: Bright Lines of Story in Song.” Studies in American Indian Literatures 29.1 (2017): 88-99.

Noodin, Margaret A. “Giga-waaba-bye-bye: A Tribute to Jim Northrup.” Transmotion 3.2 (2017).

Noodin, Margaret A. “Ganawendamaw: Anishinaabe Concepts of Sustainability.” Narratives of Educating for Sustainability in Unsustainable Environments. Ed. Haladay, Jane, and Hicks, Scott. (2017).

Noodin, Margaret A. “Language Revitalization, Anishinaabemowin, and Erdrich's The Birchbark House Series.” Frontiers in American Children's Literature. Ed. Clark, Dorothy, and Salem, Linda. (2016).

Noodin, Margaret A. Bawaajimo: A Dialect of Dreams in Anishinaabe Language and Literature. Michigan State University Press, 2014.

Noodin, Margaret A. “Anishinaabemowin: Language, Family and Community.” Bringing our Languages Home: Language Revitalization for Families. Ed. Hilton, Leanne. Heydey Press, (2013).

Noodin, Margaret A. “Beshaabiiag G'gikenmaaigowag: Comets of Knowledge.” Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: Understanding the World through Stories.. Ed. Doerfler, Jill, Sinclair, Niigaanwewidom J., and Stark, Heidi K. Michigan State University Press, (2013).

Noodin, Margaret A. “Bundling the Day and Unraveling the Night.” Special double issue of SAIL: Studies in American Indian Literatures and American Indian Quarterly: The SAI and its Legacies. (2013).

Noodin, Margaret A. “Louise Erdrich Anishinaabezhibiiaan.” Louise Erdrich: Critical Insights. Ed. Hafen, P. J. Salem Press Inc., (2012).

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Noodin, Margaret A. Waasechibiiwaabikoonsing Nd'anami'aami (Praying through a Wired Window): Using Technology to Teach Anishinaabemowin. 23.2 2011: 3-24.


American Indian Studies
Electa Quinney Institute