English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Are you an a UWM student who grew up speaking a language other than English at home? Do you want to continue to improve your academic English skills so you can be successful in college? If so, our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are for you!

EAP courses are designed to support both international students and U.S. residents whose 1st languages are not English.  If you are you an international student admitted to UW-Milwaukee for academic study, depending on your admission type, you may be required to take EAP courses. If you are an international student or a U.S. resident with full admission, you may be interested in taking EAP courses to continue improving in your academic English skills. Learn more about EAP below.

EAP for undergraduates

EAP for graduates

Conditionally admitted students cannot take EAP courses. Conditionally admitted students must complete our Intensive English Program (IEP) before taking courses for credit towards their academic degree. Learn more about our Intensive English Program. Learn more about conditional admission:

EAP Courses for Non-UWM Students

If you are not a UWM student but are interested in the EAP program, we do allow non-students to enroll in our EAP courses. To do so, you must apply and be accepted as a “special” student at UWM. “Special” students are people who qualify for university admission but are not currently working on a degree at UWM. For more information and to apply to take one or more classes at UWM, visit Non-degree Student Information.

The cost of taking an EAP course will depend on how many credits you take and whether UWM considers you a resident of Wisconsin. For more information about tuition and for UWM classes, visit Tuition and Fees and look for the current semester. Then look for tuition and fees for undergraduates for on-campus courses (not “audit”). You may take EAP courses on a credit/no-credit basis so that the grade does not count in your Grade Point Average (GPA) or appear on your transcript.

If you have any questions about English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses, please email our English Language Academy Director and EAP coordinator, Brooke Haley, at haleyb@uwm.edu.