Community Resources

Resources for non-ELA students and community members.

Check out

  1. Supporting International Students in Your Classroom
    • Articles and Research on challenges instructors face in the classroom when teaching International Students.
  2. ELA Friends Mentor – Volunteer Application
    • Volunteer to be a mentor with ELA. Help students in off-campus group settings.
  3. Conversation Partners
    • Interested in helping students practice their English and see if you can facilitate a language exchange. Sign up to be paired with a student conversation partner.
  4. Other Milwaukee ESL Resources
  5. English Proficiency Testing 
  6. Helping ELLs that are not University Students
    • UWM English Language Academy does not offer courses or tutoring for students that are not attending UW-Milwaukee or UWM branch campuses.
    • Check out UW-Madison’s collection of Interactive Learning Websites.
    • For high school and elementary students, please check with your school administration on the resources and support your school district offers.
      • Check out your local public library for resources and events for English Language Learners.
    • If you are living in Milwaukee, check out the Milwaukee Public Library to see their services for community members.
    • See Other Milwaukee ESL Resources for more options
  7. Translation and Interpretation

*The English Language Academy does not offer Translation or Interpretation services.*

    • Some services to try in the Milwaukee Area (ELA is not affiliated with the companies, services, and/or freelancers listed below)



Need more resources or not finding what you are looking for, email ELA at