English Proficiency Testing

UWM English Language Academy does not offer English Proficiency Testing for students and community members that are not accepted for the Intensive English Program. Upon acceptance in the program during orientation new students will take a placement test administered by UWM ELA staff for course placement.  


UWM Testing Center no longer offers the TOEFL exam at the campus testing site.  


 MITAA information 


UWM International Admission is currently accepting English Scores for admission purposes from 


Online IELTS Indicator Exam 

For Applicants from China – online TOEFL ITP Exam 



We encourage students to do testing in their home country as many locations in the US are closed or restricted.  




Below are resources for taking an English Proficiency Exam for admission or general purposes:  

Many locations are temporarily closed. Long distance travel may be your only option if the admissions team does not accept online or at-home exam scores.  

Please check the testing websites periodically for updates on in-person testing times and locations.  


ETS: Various TOEFL testing 

IELTS: Various IELTS testing options  

ELS: Offers IELTS and TOEFL 


TOEFL iBT: Find Test Centers and Dates  

IELTS: Find Test Centers and Dates  



Physical Locations 

We encourage students to do testing in their home country as many locations in the US are closed. 


TEMPORARILY CLOSED – English Language Center – Milwaukee Wisconsin  

Host – Marquette University 

Location – 1834 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, USA 53233 

Phone – 414 344 9325 

Email – mil@ELS.edu  


TEMPORARILY CLOSED – English Language Center – Chicago Illinois  

Host – Dominican University 

Location – 7200 West Division Street, Chicago, IL, USA 60305 

Phone – 78 488 5010 

Email – chi@ELS.edu 


TEMPORARILY CLOSED – English Language Center – Dekalb, Illinois 

Host – Northern Illinois University 

Location – 385 Wirtz Drive, DeKalb, IL, USA 60115 

Phone – 815 753 4600 

Email – dek@ELS.edu 

IELTS Testing Center