Conditional Admission: Graduates

For graduate programs (Master’s or PHD Degree)

In exceptional cases, a student may be admitted to the Graduate school with conditional admission status. This means that the student must enroll full-time in the Intensive English Program (IEP) and cannot enroll in academic courses or hold a graduate assistantship position. Conditionally admitted students must achieve at least a CEFR C1 level within two semesters of initial enrollment at UWM (or the admission offer may be rescinded) by presenting one of the following:

  1. presenting a new official TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or CAE/CPE score that meets the English proficiency requirement for dual admission for the program of the student; OR 
  2. achieving a CEFR level of C1 through portfolio assessment after completion of at least one semester in the UWM Intensive English Program (Achieving 85% or more of the student learning outcomes in level B2 or higher in each core class). Core classes are Reading, Listening & Speaking, and Writing.

Suggested Application Steps

  1. Check with the graduate program representative to request approval for conditional admission. Read information on the graduate application English proficiency here.
  2. Apply for academic admission with the UWM International Student and Scholar Services.
  3. If you receive conditional admission, you will receive your next steps for applying to the Intensive English Program. You will also pay the IEP application fee at this time. We do not waive the application fee for our program.
  4. When your application has been processed, you will receive a Welcome email. This email will have your Welcome Letter, your UWM information, and your next steps.
  5. Activate your UWM ePanther ID. You will need to activate the UWM ePanther ID to access the ISSS connect portal to submit your passport and proof of funding.
  6. Your documents will be processed. If no other information is needed, you will be able to receive your I-20 document.
  7. Apply for your visa. See our immigration page with tips for your visa appointment.

The English Language Academy cannot put Conditional Admission or intention to study after the program on your I-20 until confirmation of your Conditional Admission has been received.

The portfolio assessment at the C1 level consists of the following:

  • Impromptu writing test
  • Impromptu speaking test
  • Impromptu online test that assesses reading, listening, vocabulary, and grammar proficiency
  • Evidence compiled through continuous assessments by IEP teachers

The portfolio will be assessed by a normed ELA portfolio committee. There is an ELA hold on a student’s PAWS account until the student has met ELA dual portfolio requirements or upon submission of adequate TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Based on submission of a qualifying official test score, or portfolio assessment after completion of IEP, the Graduate School will change the student to dual admission status for the immediately following semester.

Contact information: If you have any questions applying to the IEP, please contact the English Language Academy at If you have any questions about conditional admission, please contact the International Student and Scholar Services at