Admission to the UWM Intensive English Program

Here in the English Language Academy we have a program that is specifically designed for students who are interested in the following:

  • improving your English before beginning full time academic study at UWM or another U.S. college or university;
  • improving your English for professional advancement; and
  • improving your English before beginning full time academic study at UWM or another U.S. college or university

Our Intensive English Program is also for students who have been conditionally admitted to UWM for academic study. Conditionally admitted students have been admitted to an academic program at UWM but must complete the Intensive English Program before taking courses in their academic degree program.

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The mission of the Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is to prepare students for university study in English by assisting students:

  • to improve English proficiency in listening, reading, writing and speaking skills
  • to interact with English speakers in everyday and professional situations
  • to gain an awareness of the culture of American university life.

The IEP also provides language instruction to students whose goal is to improve their English for other professional or personal endeavors.

Additionally, the IEP is committed to maintaining a professional teaching and administrative staff and to following ethical standards in all areas of the profession. The IEP is also dedicated to establishing supportive teacher-student relationships, to fostering an atmosphere of openness among cultures, and to collaborating with the UWM community to better serve international students.

The IEP is open to residents and visa holders. To Apply for the IEP, a prospective student must have completed high school.

For students that are interested in applying to our Intensive English Program, please complete the application steps here.