Our program will prepare you to meet the growing demand for administrators and leaders who work with college students and adult learners in diverse organizations.

A major focus of our program is preparing leaders of adult learning and urban higher education institutions who honor equity and diversity.

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Why Choose Our Online Program?

  • Internationally known faculty with over 15 years online teaching experience at Wisconsin’s most diverse university.
  • Small class sizes that allow you to really get to know your professors and classmates.
  • Rewarding career opportunities as adult educators and trainers; instructional designers; organizational change leaders; continuing professional education; academic advisors; managers of support programs for traditionally underrepresented students, student housing specialists, student programming specialists; and administrative positions at all levels of postsecondary education.

About the Program

To make substantial social change, students first must have a clear understanding of how to create inclusive policies, practices and environments. As an equity-focused program, we believe in the following principles:

Theory to Practice: We believe theories and research should inform international, national and community policies and practices in adult and higher education. We believe our graduates should be able to use research and theory to guide their practice.

Leadership Focused: We believe graduates should be prepared to use leadership skills in dynamic ways in order make transformative changes within adult and higher education.

Equity Centered: We believe graduates should have the language, tools, knowledge and skills to create equity-centered adult and higher education environments.

Collaborative Learning: We believe graduates should be able to work across different levels of abilities, world views, diversity and knowledge in multiple work environments. We believe graduates should be critical thinkers in order to solve problems and cultivate solutions to change the landscape of adult and higher education both collectively and individually.

Community Partnership Research: We believe that graduate students should be able to collaboratively work with communities in order to inform their practice. As faculty members, we are committed to producing scholarship that includes and promotes collaborative and participatory engagement.


Alumni Mastering Their Work Virtually, Thanks to What They Learned in SOE Program


Program Overview & Requirements

Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration (ACHEA) Program Overview and Courses (PDF)

Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration (ACHEA) Academic Catalog Requirements

Academic Catalog Requirements Sheet

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Support Services for Online Students in Higher Education

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

2 in 1: Earn A Master’s Degree & Certificate

At the UW-Milwaukee School of Education Department of Administrative Leadership, you can earn a Master’s degree and a certificate, individually or at the same time. These offerings are perfect for anyone looking to advance their career in higher education, adult and continuing education, and for educators in the healthcare field.

2 in 1: Earn A Master’s Degree & Certificate

Note: You must complete an application (including the application fee) for both programs.

Sample Program of Studies

Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration (ACHEA) Sample Program of Studies

Administrative Leadership Department Course Descriptions



Online Employment Portal

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Job Titles of ACHEA Graduates

Check the job titles of ACHEA graduates:

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What Our Alumni are Saying About Us

“In my internship, I learned so much about how things work within the university and it gave me an irreplaceable knowledge for what goes into course design, post-secondary instructor support, and curriculum to Learning Management System (LMS) application.”

“The program prepared me to take on additional roles and responsibilities at work.”

“The classroom environment was very comfortable, welcoming, and inclusive. The method of guided discussion was utilized frequently, I found the instructors were always willing to provide more information and feedback and they consistently worked to both challenge us and support us.”

“The advising I received was top-notch.”

“My advisers reached out to me routinely and always answered my questions.”

“I felt like my advisor cared about me as a person and was my biggest cheerleader.”

Alumni Profiles

Tima Guled
Graduation: Spring 2019
Area of Study: Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration
Employment: Student Life & Events Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee at Washington County
Strengths of Program: “At UWM I learned to think creatively, facilitate and engage in challenging dialogs, and critically analyze higher education and the student affairs profession. In addition, I appreciated learning about strategic planning and leadership which has been beneficial in my current position. What I enjoyed most about the ACHEA program is the focus on diversity and inclusion and how it is a foundation of our profession which aligned with my passion for social justice, as well as the connections I made with the faculty in the program.”
Tima Guled, ACHEA graduate.
Pachoua Lor
Graduation: Spring 2019
Area of Study: Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration
Employment: Multicultural Student Success Coordinator
Strengths of Program: “Student support led to my interest in becoming someone who could help students like me, who may also be children of refugee parents or first generation college students.”
Pachoua Lor, ACHEA graduate.
Nicole Kordasiewicz
Graduation: Current Student
Area of Study: Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration
Employment: Kohl’s Talent Development Designer
Strengths of Program: “The courses I have taken have challenged me to consider what it means to be a leader in our multicultural society. I have enjoyed being able to take one class at a time while I also work a full-time career. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned immediately. I love my job and much of my success is directly tied to my education in the ACHEA program.”
Nicole Kordasiewicz, ACHEA graduate.
James MacGillis
Graduation: December 2017
Area of Study: Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration
Employment: Police Officer
Strengths of Program: “My work at UWM helped me become a better teacher and leader.”
James MacGillis, ACHEA graduate.
Tre’quan Martin
Graduation: Spring 2019
Area of Study: Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration
Employment: Third Grade Teacher, Lancaster School, MPS
Strengths of Program: “Coming to UW-Milwaukee helped me grow faster, helped me learn more and allowed me to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degree. I wanted to work in education to be a role model, make an impact on students and change lives.”
Tre'quanMartin, ACHEA graduate.

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Program Information

For general information or questions about the program, contact:

Dr. Dante J. Salto
Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator

We use a rolling admissions process, and the GRE isn’t required.