ACHEA Alumni Profile – Brenda Vazquez Carranza

SOE ACHEA Alum - Brenda Vazquez Carranza portrait photo
  • Name: Brenda Vazquez Carranza
  • Graduation Year: 2021
  • Current Job Title and Institutional Affiliation: Associate Director of Programming at the Information Technology Academy at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Q: Why did you pursue a master’s in higher education administration?

A: I pursued a master’s in higher education administration for several key reasons. Firstly, I aimed to advance in my career within the education sector. I believed that acquiring advanced knowledge and skills in higher education administration would position me for more impactful roles and increased responsibilities. Secondly, I aspired to make a positive impact on education by enhancing policies, programs, and practices within the educational landscape. I saw this degree as a means to delve deeper into the workings of educational systems, allowing me to identify areas for improvement and contribute to creating a more effective and inclusive educational environment. Lastly, advocating for accessible and inclusive education was a fundamental motivation for pursuing this degree. I wanted to equip myself with the tools and understanding to advocate for policies and initiatives that ensure educational opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of backgrounds or circumstances. This passion drove me to pursue a master’s in higher education administration.

Q: What was unique about studying Higher Education Administration at UW-Milwaukee?

A: This flexibility and all online aspect made it feasible for me to pursue higher education while working but also enhanced my overall learning experience. I could actively apply the knowledge I gained in real-time work situations, enriching my understanding and skills in higher education administration.

Q: How did this program prepare you for your career in higher education?

A: The program prepared me for a career in higher education by offering a deep dive into the intricacies of higher education administration. This knowledge base gave me a strong foundation to understand the complex operations and challenges of higher education institutions.

Q: What advice would you give to current and prospective students considering our master’s program based on your own journey?

A: I would advise students to get to know their advisor, professors, and peers. Building these connections really helped me connect with the courses, the program, and UW-Milwaukee on a deeper level.