EdLine 2023

Image of Chapman Hall during the spring season

The School of Education EdLine magazine is now available.

The 2023 edition of the EdLine, the School of Education alumni publication, highlights:

  • Updates on the School of Education’s alignment with two other schools under under the new College of Community Engagement and Professions.
  • Andrew Davis is joining the School of Education this summer as associate dean and head of school as long-time leader Hope Longwell-Grice retires.
  • An Electa Quinney program is supporting American Indian educators and administrators.
  • How a School of Education alumnus had combined his expertise in American Sign Language with his love of sports into a business.
  • The Student Parent Success Program helps students who are parents finish their educations.
  • A new research grant is funding a program on inclusive early childhood education.
  • Update on how the Women’s Giving Circle is supporting the School of Education.

Because of limited resources, we are printing a reduced number of copies, and hope you enjoy reading this issue online. The software we use allows you to flip through the pages just like a regular magazine. You can follow news from the SOE throughout the year by going to the School of Education News webpage.

If you would prefer a print copy, please contact us at edline@uwm.edu.

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