ACHEA Alumni Profile – Jodie Pope

SOE ACHEA Alum - Jodie Pope portrait photo
  • Name: Jodie Pope
  • Graduation Year: 2022
  • Current Job Title and Institutional Affiliation: Administrative Manager for the School of Academic Advancement at Madison College, Program Director for a Gateway to College Program site located within the Truax Campus

Q: Why did you pursue a master’s in higher education administration?

A: I decided to pursue a master’s degree in higher education administration to further enhance my skills as a higher education professional and to open opportunities for advancement.

Q: How did this program prepare you for your career in higher education?

A: My knowledge of higher education was limited to my experience as a student and in the field. However, the program offered a historical context and a holistic perspective to help me better understand the higher education landscape. This knowledge has helped me in my role in real-time in areas such as strategic planning, advising, budgeting, and program planning. Furthermore, the program offered a platform to think critically about how higher education can work to serve students and communities equitably.

Q: What advice would you give to current and prospective students considering our master’s program based on your own journey?

A: My advice to others would be to contemplate the application of what they learn and how they can utilize this knowledge in real-life situations. It is essential to challenge oneself and consider those who may have had different experiences in higher education. This approach expands one’s perspective and fosters learning to impact the field.