UWM Biological Sciences professor publishes two books.

UWM Biological Sciences professor, Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez, recently published two books in Spanish with a Costa Rican Editorial.


“One is a biography of my father, who was an important figure in the development of biology as a field of study in Costa Rica, and internationally for his service, teaching, and research contributions: e.g., he was an evolutionary botanist that founded the School of Biology at the Universidad de Costa Rica, and he was a member of the core of researchers that founded the Organization for Tropical Studies. (Link)


The other book includes his annotations about the variety of forms in the orchids of Costa Rica and Central America, which take the form of gorgeous water color illustrations. This book has him as author, and I co-authored a brief introduction to his life and the purpose and philosophy of this project of his.”(Link)


Congratulations to our CLACS associated faculty, Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez!