Religious Diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean

Although the LAC region is often thought of as overwhelmingly Catholic, there is considerable religious and spiritual diversity due to the multitude of cultural communities present. This Pew Research Center piece is a good place to start the discussion, including exploring the rise of Protestant faith communities in the region. Included below are resources to further explore LAC spiritual practices.
From the University of Toronto, we have “Afro-Caribbean and Indigenous Religions as subject in Caribbean” and Americas Quarterly has a photo essay focusing on Afro-Latin Religion in the AmericasThe Museum of Jewish Heritage has a piece on Jewish diaspora in LAC, and the Jewish Virtual Library spotlights synagogues in the Caribbean
Oxford Bibliographies has a list of resources on Hinduism in the region and a PBS video tells the story of a Minnesota based Hindu temple with Caribbean roots. Muslims of Latin America and the Caribbean by Ken Chitwood can be found at most university libraries as can Crescent Over Another Horizon : Islam in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latino USA edited by Maria del Mar Logroño Narbona, Paulo G. Pinto and John Tofik Karam. Finally, the Wisconsin Muslim Journal has a piece on Chicago-area Latina Muslims, found here.