Radio Venceremos

TedEd has a lesson on Radio Venceremos, the underground radio network of the FMLN during the Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992). This lesson includes a short video, discussion questions, a quiz, and further resources. The Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen collection at the University of Texas at Austin has 432 digital audio files in Spanish from the programming, found hereThe Center for Justice and Accountability has an overview into the lengthy civil war including US involvement, found hereThe Kellog Institute for International Studies spotlighted Archbishop Óscar Romero, whose assassination “further polarize[d] Salvadoran society and presage[d] the all-out war that [would] soon come. It also convince[d] many peasants that the Church [could not] save them and that their only hope [was] armed revolution.”