Pulitzer Center Education Resources on Central American Migration

From: https://pulitzercenter.org/education

“The Pulitzer Center is committed to building global awareness through education. We work with elementary schools, high schools, and universities to bring pressing international issues, and the journalists who cover them, into the classroom.”

Among its many resources on Central American migration:

Pulitzer Center:  Lesson Builder
Deportation and the Cycle of Violence in El Salvador (Middle School, High School)
November 8, 2017

The Journey North: Exploring reasons behind migration to the U.S. from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala (All Grades)
December 4, 2015

Malnutrition in Guatemala
March 29, 2016

Why They Flee: Understanding the Migration of Minors (High School)
September 21, 2015

Pulitzer Center:  Projects
Family Separation and El Salvador (Politico Magazine)