From Here and From There: Exploring Elizabeth Catlett’s African American and Mexican Duality

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, a Smithsonian Institution, has an article in English or Spanish about the artist Elizabeth Carlett’s identity as an African American descendent of enslaved people, who later migrated to and was greatly influenced by Mexico and Mexican art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a resource to study Carlett’s Mother and Childfound here.

Included in the Carlett article are several other artists whose work came from an intersection of African American communities and Latinx communities, like Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias who illustrated the cover of Langston Hughes’ book, The Weary Blues. As part of the Harlem Renaissance, Hughes was a contemporary of figures such as Afro-Puerto Rican scholar Arturo Schomburg about whom we previously did a resource, found here. A later renaissance in Harlem, the Nuyorican Movement, was another art revolution which can be learned about from ProQuest (found here).