Fall 2023 events

Sept 27 (4pm, virtual)
Medellín: Architecture for Public Life, with Jorge Pérez Jaramillo (architect and urban planner)

Oct 12 (3pm, in-person)
Afro-Latinidad:  Race, Gender and Identity in São Paulo, Brazil Today
with Dr. Rosa Couto and Ms. Stela Nesrine
Cosponsored with UW-Parkside

Oct 20  (9am, virtual)
The Reconfiguring Global Order. September’s G20 Summit in India. Multipolarity advanced? Or, much ado about nothing?

Oct 20 (3:30pm, in-person)
Anthropology Colloquium: Between Mobility and Control: The Production of Global Migratory Corridors across the Americas, Soledad Alvarez Velasco (University of Illinois, Chicago)