Assuming the Podium: a Symposium on Luisa Capetillo

sepia photo of Puerto Rican author

2022 marks the centenary of Luisa Capetillo’s passing. Capetillo is a pivotal figure in the trajectory of Latin American and Caribbean feminisms and the fight for workers’ rights. In this light, this symposium aims to continue the conversations on her legacy.

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PROGRAM (Tentative)

10-10:10am       Welcome (Nancy Bird-Soto & Amy Olen, UWM)

10:10-11:10am  Keynote I (Stephanie Rivera-Berruz, Marquette University)

11:10-11:50am   Panel: Textuality of the Text (Nancy Bird-Soto & Amy Olen, UWM)

12:05-12:45pm   Student Panel

12:45-1:45pm     Keynote II (Jorell Meléndez-Badillo, UW-Madison)


For more information:  Dr. Nancy Bird-Soto (