• UWM Film Graduate Program


Our undergraduate program of study is committed to helping students develop their creative, conceptual and technical abilities through media: film, video, audio, installation, and new genres. Our goal is for you to become a creative thinker, an informed viewer and an art maker — someone whose imaginative skills are matched by an ability to learn and use the technologies to say something important.

Our students participate in every aspect of the filmmaking process to better understand how every role works together. This holistic approach prepares our graduates to enter the film industry with a high level of professionalism and employability.


Our students benefit from dedicated attention by internationally-recognized faculty, and access to resources at one of the nation’s top 115 research universities. Our program maintains artistic and intellectual connections within the university and the community, including partnerships with the Milwaukee Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, Milwaukee Art Museum, UWM Union Cinema, and beyond.

UWM’s Union Cinema is one of 23 theaters nationally recognized as a local community based independent theater by the Sundance Film Institute Art House Project. “These theaters meet high standards including: quality programming, deep involvement with their local communities, strong financial standing and recognition from their peers.” According to the project: “Since 1972 the Union Cinema has been providing UWM and the local community with a diverse, entertaining, and intellectually engaging film and video program.”

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Curriculum below is approved for students currently enrolled in the respective program, depending upon original date of declaration. Future adjustments for new/incoming students will be posted by Fall Semester. After reviewing, please connect with our advising office to start planning your degree path today!

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Film

A successful Foundation Review is required after completion of the Film core coursework in order to proceed with the degree curriculum. See Film Course Descriptions for more detailed information on courses offered.

University Core 45 Credits
Competencies (more info)
English Parts A & B *
Math Parts A & B *
Foreign Language *
General Education Requirements (more info)
ARTHIST 205 History of Film I (Humanities) 3
Humanities 3
Social Science 6
Natural Science (1 course with lab) 6
Cultural Diversity *
Peck School of the Arts (3 arts areas outside department) 12
General (outside Peck School of the Arts) 12
General (outside department) 3
*credit may be utilized in required curriculum areas
Film Core 24 Credits
FILM 114 Film & Experience: The Filmmaker & the Viewer 3
FILM 116 Listening & Recording 3
FILM 117 Filmmaking Technologies & Techniques 3
FILM 118 Image & Sound 3
FILM 201 Introduction to Experimental Media Arts 3
FILM 222 Intro to Digital Filmmaking 3
FILM 231 Concept Development & Film Practice 3
Foundation Electives
(Choose from below) 3
FILM 220 Basic Elements of Filmmaking
FILM 232 Animation I
FILM 255 Introduction to Digital Arts
Degree Curriculum 51 Credits
FILM 303 Current Topics 3
FILM 509 Senior Project I 3
FILM 510 Senior Project II 6
(In consultation with advisor to identify approved topics – see Schedule of Classes for repeatability limits)
FILM 380, 420, or 460 Production Courses 15
FILM 380, 420, or 460 Portfolio Courses 6
FILM 250/450, 341, or 420 Professional Practice/Internship 3
(Choose from below) 6
FILM 316 Filmmaker as Theorist/Practitioner
FILM 318 Film and the Visual and Performing Arts
FILM 319 Film Genres
FILM 434 Film Aesthetics
Film Electives (Choose from class listings in consultation with advisor) 6
General Electives (outside of department) 3

Minor - Film Production

This program is open to all students seeking to complement their major studies by developing skills in moving image/audio production, creative concept development, and media project management skills–skills that are increasingly in demand across multiple fields.

For questions, or to declare a minor/certificate, contact the Peck School of the Arts Advising Office at (414) 229-4763 or psoa-advising@uwm.edu

Degree curriculum 21 Credits
FILM 114 Film & Experience 3
FILM 116 Listening & Recording 3
FILM 118 Image & Sound 3
FILM 222 Intro to Digital Filmaking 3
FILM 231 Concept Development & Film Practice 3
Film Electives
FILM (300+ level) 6


Profile Picture

Caroline Kastelic

BFA, Film, Animation, and New Genres | 2006

"I enjoyed that I could create my own world and do things on my own schedule. And I liked the isolation and control you can get by not using actors." Caroline Kastelic on working with puppets and stop motion animation.

Careers in Film

3D Modeler
Adr Editor
Advertising & Sales
Aerial Cinematographer
Art Director
Arts Administration
Assistant Director
Best Boy
Boom Operator
Broadcast Producer
Camera Operator
Casting Director
Character Rigger
Client Services Supervisor
Compositing Artist
Creature Designer
Development Executive
Digital Account Executive
Digital Imaging Technician
Digital Media Product Developer
Dolly Grip
Drone Operator
Dubbing Mixer
Educational Video Director/Producer
Electronics & Sensor Designer
Elementary/Secondary School Teacher
Entertainment/Studio Executive
Festival Director/Programmer
Field Segment Producer
Film Archivist/Processor/Writer
Foley Specialist
Forensic Animator
Image Librarian/Archivist
Interaction Designer
Jimmy Jib Operator
Key Grip
Lighting Designer/Technician
Line Producer
Location Manager/Scout
Medical Animator
Motion Capture Engineer
Motion Graphics Designer/Producer
Multimedia Artist/Journalist/Producer
News Producer
Photo Asset Manager/Instructor/Editor
Photographic Labs/Image Producer
Post-Production Supervisor
Press Agent
Producer (Television & Film)
Production Designer/Manager
Programming & Software Designer
Prop Maker
Properties Producer
Public Relations/Publicist
Puppet Fabricator
Reality Programming Director
Recording & Mastering Engineer
Rights & Clearances
Rotoscope Artist
Script Editor/Supervisor/Writer
Set Constructor/Designer/Director
Social Media Specialist
Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer
Steadicam Operator
Still Photography
Stop Motion Animator
Storyboard Artist
Studio Merchandiser
Talent Producer
Technical Illustrator/Writer
Texture Artist
University Administration
University Faculty
Visual Effect Specialist/Supervisor
Wardrobe Supervisor
Web Producer
Webisode Writer/Researcher


Dedicated Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres Faculty

profile photoBen Balcombrbalcom@uwm.eduMitchell B55-C

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoBill Berens(414) 229-3905berens@uwm.eduMitchell B57

Technical Director, Film

profile photoDick Blaudickblau@uwm.eduKenilworth Square East 491

Professor Emeritus, Film

profile photoCarl Bognercrlelbog@uwm.eduMitchell B69A

Senior Lecturer, Film

Director, MKE LGBT Film/Video Festival

profile photoIsaac Brooks(414) 229-3905ibrooks@uwm.eduMitchell B57

Associate Lecturer, Film

Technical Assistant, Film

profile photoTate Bunkertateb@uwm.eduMitchell B73C

Senior Lecturer, Film

Director, Zen Film Festival

profile photoEmir Cakarozecakaroz@uwm.eduMitchell B55B

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoPortia Cobbpcobb@uwm.eduMitchell B73A

Associate Professor, Film

Director, Community Media Project

profile photoCecelia Conditccondit@uwm.eduMitchell B83B

Professor Emeritus, Film

profile photoTim Deckerdecker@uwm.eduKenilworth Square East 455

Lecturer, Animation

profile photoLori Felkerfelker@uwm.eduMitchell B83

Assistant Professor, Film

Director, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

profile photoNeil Gravandernbg@uwm.eduMitchell B53

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoHannah Raye White Hamalianhrwhite@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer, Film & Animation

profile photoSky Hopinkashopinka@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer | Film

profile photoSean Kaferskafer@uwm.eduMitchell B83B

Project Director, docUWM

Lecturer & Project Director, docUWM

profile photoKelly Kirshtnerkirshtne@uwm.eduMitchell B73B

Associate Professor, Film

profile photoOwen Klatteklatte@uwm.eduKenilworth Square East 492

Associate Lecturer, Animation

profile photoJeffrey Kurzjpkurz@uwm.eduMitchell B83-B

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoRachel Lanerelane@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoKym McDaniel(414) 322-0765mcdanie9@uwm.edu

Outreach Coordinator, Dance

Lecturer, Dance & Film

profile photoBrian James McGuiremcguireb@uwm.eduMitchell B55

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoJesse McLeanmcleanj@uwm.eduMitchell B83

Associate Professor, Film

Director, Film Graduate Program

profile photoKelly Minkkmink@uwm.edu

Lecturer, Film

profile photoBrooke Thieleswelstad@uwm.eduMitchell B54

Lecturer, Film & Animation

Manager, Equipment Room

Coordinator, Animation B.A.

profile photoAlex Torinusatorinus@uwm.eduMitchell B69

Senior Lecturer, Film

Outreach Coordinator, Film

Living & Learning Community Coordinator, Film

profile photoRenato Umalirumali@uwm.eduMitchell B83A

Senior Lecturer, Film

profile photoJanelle VanderKelenvanderk8@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer, Film

profile photoLilly Warrenlillyjc2@uwm.eduMitchell B69

Senior Lecturer, Film

Outreach Coordinator, Film

Undergraduate Advisor, Film

profile photoSteve Wetzel(414) 391-2955smwetzel@uwm.eduMitchell B83C

Associate Professor, Film

profile photoIverson Whiteiversonw@uwm.eduMitchell B73C

Associate Professor, Film

profile photoDavid Witzlingdavidrw3@uwm.eduMitchell B83A

Lecturer, Film

profile photoRob Yeoroby@uwm.eduMitchell B59

Associate Professor, Film

Department Chair, Film

Film Faculty & Staff