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Jeffrey Kurz

Associate Lecturer, Film


BA, English and Communication Arts, UW-Madison


During his seven-year tenure as an acquisitions and production executive for both Miramax Films and Dimension Films, Jeffrey Kurz was involved in such varied and diverse films as Neil Jordan’s Academy Award-winning The Crying Game, Alex Proyas’ The Crow, Atom Egoyan’s Exotica, Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic, Chris Eyre’s Smoke Signals, Kevin Spacey’s Albino Alligator, and John Carpenter’s Halloween series. And he has worked with a wide range of talented filmmakers and writers -- from Bryan Singer and the Wayans Brothers to Clive Barker and Wes Craven.

A graduate of UW-Madison, he formed his own production company, Belle City Pictures, in 2000. Current projects as a producer include: An Ocean Apart with two-time Oscar nominee Lucy Walker for Film4 in London; and Blackdeer with writer John Roach and actor Adam Beach. As a writer, he is working with Vin Diesel’s One Race Films on his original script, This Might Hurt a Bit.