January 10, 2023  |  Instructional Updates, News & Events, Timely Announcements

TO: Faculty, Teaching and Research Academic Staff

FROM: Scott Gronert, Interim Provost

SUBJECT: Research, Scholarly, and Professional Accomplishments Reporting

UWM is required to document the Research, Scholarly, and Professional Accomplishments for all Faculty and Teaching or Research Academic Staff each calendar year for UWM’s re-accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Reporting this information helps UWM demonstrate the ways its faculty and staff contribute to scholarship, creative work, and the discovery of knowledge.

To facilitate this reporting, we will be utilizing the online eWorkflow system. A separate e-mail will be sent to each of you with a personalized link for you to complete and submit in order to document your annual accomplishments and activities. You will receive the e-mail from UWM eWorkflow Process Director with a subject of “Research, Scholarly, and Professional Accomplishments Reporting.”

The deadline to complete the form is Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

You will receive periodic reminders until you complete the form.

While the purpose of this reporting is primarily for accreditation, some schools and colleges may choose to use the data in determining solid performers for pay plan purposes. This form does not take the place of the regular annual evaluation process for teaching and research academic staff.

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting these requirements.