January 19, 2023  |  Instructional Updates, News & Events, Timely Announcements

TO: Faculty and Academic Staff

FROM: Scott Gronert, Interim Provost


Instructor-focused classroom disruptions and campus safety presentation is once again under way this semester, with the goal of reaching 100 percent of UWM’s faculty and instructional staff.  The focus of this presentation is to address disruptive students, students in crisis and what to do in case of a violent incident. This presentation will help ensure that we are prepared to respond to situations that could cause the UWM community to feel unsafe. To date, approximately over 1100 faculty and instructional staff have received this valuable information. If you have not attended a training session (or if you signed up to attend but had to miss the session), please make it a priority this semester.

There are seven (7) sessions offered in person and virtually from February 2023 through May 2023. Co-developed by the Dean of Students Office and the UWM Police Department, the training has been well received by past participants. Training will also discuss online and virtual disruptions to include threats and methods to address these issues.

The training lasts approximately an hour and a half. To view the dates/times and register for the training please visit https://uwm.edu/safetytraining/.

Thank you for participating in this important and essential campus training program.

If you have questions regarding the sign up procedures or the content of the presentation please email safety-training@uwm.edu.

Take care,


Scott Gronert
Interim Provost