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  • IBC Registration Form– Please use this form to complete registration for all biological research and teaching activities at UWM.
  • IBC Registration Form for Blood Draws Only– This form is to be used for the registration of blood draw/ finger prick of human subjects. IRB approval is required prior to IBC review. Do not use this form if the subject is known to be infected with a bloodborne pathogen.
  • IBC Protocol annual renewal or changes request form– Use this form to request any procedural, material, or personnel changes to a currently approved IBC protocol.
  • Biological Inventory– This form is used to register your biological inventory (i.e. any organisms housed in incubators, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) with the biological safety program.
  • Autoclave Log – This is a template you can use to keep record of use of your laboratory facility autoclave. It is required that you maintain a current record.
  • Biological Safety Training Record– It is required that a current record of safety training is maintained in all laboratory facilities.
  • Laboratory-Specific Biosafety Manual Template: All research laboratories that use biological materials are required to maintain a biosafety manual specific to their research facility. This is a new requirement to the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • SOP template– Standard Operating Procedure Template for general biosafety SOPs.
  • Exposure Control Plan Template- This is a template for an exposure control plan, which is required for risk group 2 or higher agents used in BSL-2/ 2+ facilities.
  • Biological Risk Assessment Form– should be used to evaluate a lab and biosafety practices prior to development of a new IBC protocol.





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