Lab Safety Signs and Postings

Laboratory/Shop/Studio Signage Program

The Laboratory/ Shop/ Studio Signage Program assists laboratory, shop, or studio supervisors in identifying hazards present in their areas and provides a means of visually communicating this information as well as appropriate precautions to anyone who enters the area.

To replace a damaged sign, please contact University Safety & Assurances at

Lab Sign

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Required Postings

Other Postings

Magnets: No pacemakers or 5-gauss perimeter

Particularly Hazardous Substance Designated Area Sign

  • (DANGER — DESIGNATED AREA for select carcinogens, reproductive toxins and high acute toxicity chemicals — AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY)
  • Word VersionWord Document or .pdf Version .pdf format, Adobe Acrobat Required

Section 16: Radioactive Material Use Areas or Labs

Laser Safety Signs Order Form