Biological Safety at UWM

Protecting Researchers, the University Community, and the Environment

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Biosafety Program is housed in the Department of University Safety & Assurances and is meant to serve as a resource to both teaching and research communities at UWM. Our primary mission is to protect the health and safety of UWM’s faculty, students, visitors, and environment by promoting safe microbiological practices and procedures; providing training in biological risk awareness and management; and reviewing research and teaching activities for safety and ethical compliance with NIH Guidelines and federal, state, and local regulations.

Ultimately, we aim to partner with our community to promote safe, healthy, and productive research and teaching at UWM.

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Biosafety Program Newsletter – Spring 2024

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Biological Safety Resources
Biosafety Manual
Biosafety Lab Visits
Initial Report of Biological Exposure, Release Events, & Near Misses
Decontamination & Disposal
Institutional Biosafety Committee