Biosafety Manual

The current version of the UWM Biosafety Manual was prepared by the UWM Biosafety Program and approved by the Institutional Biosafety Committee. Information provided in the manual is based on relevant federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines. This manual provides:

  • General biosafety information and recommendations for work with pathogens, recombinant/synthetic nucleic acids, and other biohazardous materials
  • University requirements for training, equipment, and work practices based on materials used and risk levels
  • Information on the Institutional Biosafety Committee submission and review process

UWM Biosafety Manual [PDF]

Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual

All laboratories working with recombinant techniques and/or biohazardous materials must have a Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual available in the lab at all times.

Minimum Required Contents
Lab-Specific Biosafety Manuals must, at minimum, include the following information:

  • Copies of all active IBC protocols and their approval letters
  • Documentation of lab-specific training in the following areas:
    • Biological hazards in the lab
    • Disinfection & decontamination methods
    • Proper use of equipment (e.g., biosafety cabinets, centrifuge safety cups, pipettes, flow cytometers)
    • PPE & lab hygiene
    • Biological spill response
    • Exposure response
  • Decontamination methods for all agents in use
  • Biological spill & exposure response procedures
  • Documentation of annual biosafety manual review by all personnel

Additional information may also need to be documented depending on biological materials in use. For example, your lab-specific biosafety manual may also include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  • Agent-Specific Exposure Control Plans and/or Pathogen Safety Data Sheets
  • Permits and other compliance documentation
  • Occupational health program records
  • Vaccination offer / declination documentation


Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual Template

The UWM Biosafety Program has created a template that can be used to develop your lab’s Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual. However, use of this specific template is not required. Labs may choose to create their own manual and/or incorporate the required information into other safety manuals in the lab.

Download Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual Template [.docx]

Regardless of format, the required safety documentation will be reviewed during laboratory biosafety inspections and should be kept up-to-date.

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