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Cynthia Akey
  • Communication Specialist, FitWell
Julia Alberth
  • Community Engagement Coordinator
Corey Anderson
  • Academic Program Specialist, College of Public Health
Kate Brondino
  • Director of the Office of Student Affairs
Young Cho
  • Associate Professor, Community & Behavioral Health Promotion
Portrait of Chris Cho
  • Associate Researcher, Statistician
Ron Cisler
  • Professor Emeritus, Health Informatics & Administration
Portrait of Stephen Cobb
  • Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Phoenix Do
  • Professor, Public Health Policy/Epidemiology
Xiaobei Dong
  • Assistant Professor, Public Health Policy
Keith Dookeran
  • Associate Visiting Professor, Epidemiology
Portrait of Stuart Findlay
  • Financial Manager
Paul Florsheim
  • Professor and Program Lead, Community and Behavioral Health Promotion, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Christy Greenleaf|
  • Professor, Kinesiology, ACSM Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist
Amy Harley
  • Interim Dean and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Portrait of Michael Hauer
  • Assistant Dean Emeritus
Lu He
  • Assistant Professor, Health Care Informatics
George Henion
  • University Services Associate
Rose Hennessey Garza
  • Assistant Visiting Professor
Anna Hoesley
  • Academic Advisor
John Holland
  • Assistant Clinical Professor
Chiang-Ching Huang
  • Professor, Biostatistics
John Huegel
  • Academic Advisor
Laleh Jamshidi
  • Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
Portrait of Michelle Janowiak
  • Senior Information Processing Consultant
Amy Kalkbrenner
  • Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Portrait of Kevin Keenan
  • Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Patrick Kessenich
  • Senior Director of Advancement
Portrait of Lori Klos
  • Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Program Director, MPH-Nutrition & Dietetics Program Director
Portrait of Susan Kundrat
  • Clinical Professor Emeritus, Nutritional Sciences
Linnea Laestadius
  • Associate Professor, Public Health Policy
Michael Laiosa
  • Associate Professor and Faculty Chair
Sara Luelloff
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Kinesiology & Program Director, FitWell
Portrait of Jake Luo
  • Associate Professor, Health Care Informatics Graduate Program Director
Portrait of John Lynch
  • Associate Professor Emeritus, Health Care Informatics & Administration
Lorraine Halinka Malcoe
  • Associate Professor and Public Health Undergraduate Program Director
Joan Mayr
  • Administrative Assistant II, FitWell Program
Mark Mentele
  • Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator
Todd Miller
  • Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Portrait of Karen Miyoshi
  • Administrative Manager
Maryam Muhammad
  • Administrative Assistant
Priya Nambisan
  • Associate Professor, Health Care Informatics
Emmanuel Ngui
  • Associate Professor and MPH Director
Katharine O'Connell Valuch
  • Research Services Manager
Kristian O'Connor
  • Professor, UWM Associate Vice Provost for Research
Elise Papke
  • Assistant Dean, Accreditation Assessment and Community Engagement
Tanika Reesnes
  • Human Resources Manager
Portrait of Torry Rufer
  • Senior Academic Advisor
Portrait of Erika Sander
  • Associate Professor Emerita, Kinesiology
Analise Sandoval
  • Academic Program Specialist & Scholarship Coordinator
Dan  Schaff
  • HR Business Partner
Nicole Schanen
  • Shared Marketing Manager
Portrait of Ann Snyder
  • Professor Emerita, Kinesiology
Megan Stevens
  • Post Award Grant Administrator
Portrait of Scott Strath
  • Professor, Kinesiology Graduate Program Director
Kurt Svoboda
  • Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Ann Swartz
  • Professor, Kinesiology
Portrait of Lora Taylor De Oliveira
  • Clinical Associate Professor
Ellen Velie
  • Professor, Epidemiology
Portrait of Jinsung Wang
  • Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Lance Weinhardt
  • Associate Dean for Research. Professor, Community & Behavioral Health Promotion
Portrait of Min Wu
  • Associate Professor, Health Care Informatics & Administration
Musa Yahaya
  • Teaching Faculty II
Zhiyang Zhou
  • Assistant Professor, Biostatistics