John Holland

John F. Holland, MS, CSCS

  • Assistant Clinical Professor


MS, Exercise Physiology and Sport Performance Science, Minnesota State University - Mankato
BS, Kinesiology - Movement Science, Penn State University


John F. Holland is a highly accomplished professional in exercise physiology, sport performance science, and Strength & Conditioning. With a Master's Degree (M.S) in Exercise Physiology and Sport Performance Science from Minnesota State University-Mankato and a Bachelor's Degree (B.S) in Kinesiology-Movement Science from Penn State University, John possesses a strong academic foundation that has shaped his successful career. 

John's passion for research, coaching, and education has led him to work for renowned institutions such as Penn State University, Minnesota State University- Mankato, and North Carolina State University.  He contributed significantly to the field of exercise science as a Project Coordinator in the Exercise Prescription Lab (ExRx). He also served as an Adjunct Instructor for the Kinesiology Physical Activity Program, sharing his expertise with aspiring professionals. His dedication to his students and commitment to excellence have earned him respect and admiration among his peers. 

Additionally, John has made notable contributions as a former Supervisor at the Center for Fitness and Wellness at Penn State, providing guidance and support for individuals striving to enhance their physical well-being and professional skills development and data practices of Kinesiology interns. 

With diverse credentials, including being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) and Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), John possesses a comprehensive skill set that enables him to excel in various domains. He has extensive experience as a Head Coach for Varsity Competitive Ballroom Dancing, USA Dance Coach, Penn State Fencing Coach, USFA Fencing Coach, and USAW Weightlifting Coach. As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, his background covers over a dozen NCAA D1-D3 sports, National Champions, Olympic Hopefuls, and Olympians.    

Furthermore, John's expertise extends to the realm of sport performance science, where he has worked as a Sport Performance Scientist and Applied Exercise Physiologist. His contributions in these roles have been instrumental in advancing the understanding and application of resistance training in applied physiology to bridge the gap between academia (Evidence Based Knowledge) and practice (Practice Based Evidence). In addition, involved in groundbreaking NIH research on the influence of Cannabis and CBD on resistance training adaptations, and nutrigenomic applications in resistance training. 

John serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Director at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he continues to inspire and educate the next generation of professionals in the field.  

Beyond his professional achievements and time in the weightroom, John maintains a personal connection to his work. As a former Animal Sanctuary and Veterinary Supervisor, he combined his love for animals with his expertise in promoting their well-being, demonstrating his compassionate nature outside academia. As someone with a background in the social nuances of networking and etiquette involved in the professional worlds of Human Sciences and Music, John is an aficionado of Food, Alcohol, and Coffee. As both hobby and skill development, participates in conferences, cupping events, tastings, classes, and connoisseur/sommelier workshops.    

With a remarkable blend of academic prowess, research contributions, and extensive professional experience, John F. Holland is a respected figure in Academia and in Coaching. His passion for education, commitment to research, and personal touch make him a valuable asset in any endeavor he undertakes.