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headshot of bayan alqam
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Clinical Simulation Technician
Ebony Cobb
  • Academic Success Coordinator
headshot of delfina garay
  • Clinical Instructor
Allison Grady
  • Clinical Instructor
headshot of katie mccoy
  • Clinical Instructor
Melissa Mueller
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, UWM at Waukesha
  • UWM at Waukesha Lab Manager
Gage Patterson
  • Operations Manager, James and Yvonne Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center
headshot of mary peters
  • Academic Program Specialist
headshot of ann
  • Retention Specialist
headshot of jessica rotier
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Director, James and Yvonne Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center
Kristen Swanson
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Preceptor Coordinator
headshot of raghad
  • Lecturer
Kristen  Unger
  • Simulation Center Technician
Wendy Welsh
  • Academic Program Coordinator