Ebony Cobb

Ebony Cobb, MA, RN

  • Academic Success Coordinator

Manager - Nursing Study Center
Coordinator - Nursing Scholars Program (NSP)

Ebony Cobb has been advising, mentoring, and coaching nursing and health science students for close to 10 years. She is a graduate of the UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing. While in clinical practice, Ebony worked in the emergency department before pursuing a position as a public health nurse. Ebony made the transition to working in higher education accepting a position with a TRIO program at a small private university in Milwaukee.

In 2013, Ebony accepted a position at UWM in the College of Nursing.  She has worked with a number of nursing student populations and programs including transfer students, new freshmen, the Health Professions Living Learning Community, and the Nursing Scholars Program. She received a master's degree in Education focusing on Instructional Design and Organizational Development from Alverno College.

Ebony is available to assist pre-nursing students with study techniques, exam preparation, and time management. She will also work with students who are transitioning to the professional major and assist them with how to adapt their study techniques and methods for success in the professional major.