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Amy Amherdt
  • Senior Administrative Specialist
  • Clinical Simulation Technician
Laura Bennett
  • Teaching, Learning, and Tech, Manager
Karen Beres
  • Accountant II
Jennifer Daood
  • Graduate Program Manager
Ebony Cobb
  • Academic Success Coordinator
Sylvia Forbes
  • Statewide BSN@Home Program Coordinator
  • Program Manager
Julie Frey
  • Executive Assistant to the Dean
Loren Galvao
  • Senior Scientist
Matthew Halloran
  • Advisor
  • Recruitment Coordinator
Robin Jens
  • Assistant Dean of Student Services
Brian Lang
  • Senior Technical Integration Engineer III
  • Administrative Assistant , UW-Parkside Consortial Program
Raymond  MacDonald, MBA
  • Senior Administrative Program Specialist
Melissa Mueller
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, UWM at Waukesha
  • UWM at Waukesha Lab Manager
Gage Patterson
  • Operations Manager, James and Yvonne Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center
headshot of christopher peters
  • Assistant Professor
headshot of mary peters
  • Academic Program Specialist
  • Academic Advisor - UWM at Waukesha
Connor Sampson
  • Advisor
headshot of sonya sharp
  • University Services Program Associate
breonna stone headshot
  • Teaching Faculty, Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding
Cathy Trimborn
  • Senior Administrative Specialist
Pei-Yun Tsai
  • Associate Scientist
Hillary Vara
  • Academic Advisor
Mike Walk
  • Senior Administrative Specialist
Michele Weinschrott
  • Director of Development
Jennifer  Weinzierl
  • Senior Research Specialist
Wendy Welsh
  • Academic Program Coordinator
  • Academic Program Manager
Lenore  Wilkas, MLS, BA
  • Associate Researcher
  • Project Librarian
  • Administrative Program Specialist