headshot of jessica rotier

Jessica Rotier, MSN/Ed, RN, CHSE, CNE

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Director, James and Yvonne Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center

Jessica’s nursing background is in acute care nursing, primarily in a cardiac stepdown unit. Jessica also has extensive experience in medical/surgical nursing through her current clinical practice and as an instructor in higher education. Since joining the world of higher education, Jessica has been successful in teaching nursing students through low- and high-fidelity simulation and she has facilitated student learning in multiple medical/surgical clinical sites.

Jessica’s teaching philosophy is to strive to create an interactive and fun learning environment that engages adult learners and motivates them to reach their educational goals. As an instructor, Jessica sees herself as a facilitator of student-led exploration that leads to deep learning. She enjoys using technology as an educational tool to help achieve individualized learning outcomes.

Jessica’s research interests include excellence in nursing education, simulation as clinical experience in nursing education, virtual simulation, and improving interdisciplinary communication in education.