Relationships and Sex

Relationship Resources

Asexual Relationships FAQ
Answers to common questions compiled by the Asexual Visibility & Education Network.

Aromantic Relationship Terms
A frequently-updated glossary of common vocabulary in the aromantic community relating to attraction and relationships by the Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy.

Queerplatonic Relationships
The LGBTA Wiki’s entry on queerplatonic relationships.

Non-monogamous Relationships 101
Learn more about different models of relationships, including polyamory and open relationships. Includes glossary, resource list, and FAQ.

Relationship Anarchy
The original relationship anarchy manifesto.

LGBTQ Power and Control Wheel
Recognize the signs of power and control– this model maps out intimate partner violence in queer relationships. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please see crisis support.

The Revolution Starts at Home
This powerful 110-page zine is about confronting intimate violence in activist communities.

Sex Education

How to Have Lesbian Sex for the First Time
An introductory guide to lesbian sex.

Lesbian Sex 101
A collection of guides and tips to promote safe and healthy sex between women.

Gay Sex 101
A variety of guides and tips to promote safe and healthy sex between men.

How to Have Sex with a Trans Man
A blog post with tips on how trans men and their partner(s) can have healthy and safe sex.

Transfeminine Sex and Relationship Resources
A collection of resources concerning sex and relationships for transgender women and transfeminine people.

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood’s guide to safer sex.

It’s Your Sex Life
MTV’s safer sex initiative which includes LGBT-inclusive information.

Education Comics
Oh Joy Sex Toy, a free weekly sex education webcomic, that debuted April 2013 and updates every Tuesday.

8 POC Sex Educators You Should Be Following On Instagram


Safer Sex Resources

The Tool Shed
The Tool Shed is a lady-owned sex toy store located near campus at 2427 N Murray Ave. In addition to toys, they sell gender expression apparel and conduct workshops and classes that promote safe sex and body-positivity. They have also been a long-time supporter of the Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival.

UWM LGBTQ+ Resource Center
We provide free condoms and dental dams to UWM students, as well as providing safer sex information and resources.