Housing and Restrooms

Find inclusive housing resources along with all-gender restrooms on campus.

Inclusive Housing

UW-Milwaukee is proud to be the first university in the University of Wisconsin System to offer Inclusive Housing.

Inclusive Housing offers an inviting, welcoming space for students who self-select and self-identify as gender non-conforming or who have other cultural or identity considerations related to living in the residence halls at UW-Milwaukee and students who identify as allies. University Housing will have some suites (and possibly floors, depending upon student interest) where students may request any roommate without regard to gender identity or physical sex.

Students interested in Inclusive Housing should contact University Housing or the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, or email inclusive-housing@uwm.edu.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Wisconsin state law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry (1965), sex (1975), age (18 and over), disability, lawful source of income, marital status (1980), and sexual orientation (1982), exemption for housing for older persons, family status, and accessibility requirements (1992).

For more information on state equal housing laws please visit the State of Wisconsin Open Housing website.

While the state of Wisconsin does not protect against discrimination based on gender identity/expression, Milwaukee County added gender identity and gender expression to its non discrimination ordinance in April 2014.

Finding Neighborhood Housing

The UWM Off-Campus Resource Center provides direct outreach and advising to help students find quality off-campus housing and roommates through education, referral, and support. They promote healthy living and social responsibility to connect students with UWM and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Off-Campus Resource Center will be able to assist you in finding an LGBT+ friendly and affirming living environment in the neighborhoods surrounding UWM.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms on Campus

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