The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee LGBTQ+ Resource Center Peer Outreach Specialist are students who are called upon for their leadership abilities and contributions creating a welcoming, inclusive, and informative environment for the campus community. Peer Outreach Specialists participate in the planning of campus activities and initiatives, provide support and guidance to students who use the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, and work to enhance the experience of all students on campus surrounding topics of sexual and romantic identities, gender identity, and gender expression.

Available Positions

Peer Outreach Specialist
Gain experience in planning events, building community, teaching about identity, and speaking across differences!
You’re a great fit for this position if you want to:
  • Connect your passion to purpose with hands-on projects and events
  • Work in an environment that is flexible and affirming
  • Network with LGBTQ+ leaders and allies on campus
Wage $10.00 per hour, from 8 to 12 hours each week (according to student preference)
Summer/Winter Hours Preferred, but not required
  • Openness to learn about identities along spectrums of sexuality, romance, gender, and gender expression
  • Experience or desire to design and host unique events
  • Willingness to engage in difficult conversations with peers to moderate community inclusion
  • Ability to consider intersectionality and intersecting identities in programming and education
  • Able to work 2-3 shifts during the school week, and available for occasional evenings and weekends
  • GPA 2.0 minimum
No Work Authorization Requirements all students welcome!
*Basic resume (list of volunteer or work experience) and basic cover letter (explaining your interest and/or experience) are welcomed, but not required for applying
Campus Outreach – Tabling & Collaborations (25%)
Unique Events (25%)
Annual Event Support (20%)
Community Building (15%)
Committee Work, Special Projects, or Other as assigned (10%)
Day to Day Operations (5%)
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