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As a LGBT+ student preparing for entry into the workforce, you may find yourself faced with additional career planning challenges related to your sexual orientation. For the most part, university life at UWM can be a supportive environment, with an LGBT Resource Center, active student groups, and university-backed non-discrimination policies. The workplace can be quite different, in terms of the openness of and support for LGBT+ employees.

The following guide is designed to offer a starting point in considering issues faced by LGBT people in the workplace. There are no hard and fast rules, so you should feel free to address questions on coming out at work and during the job search to career counselors at the Career Planning & Resource Center.

Job Listings

UWM LGBT Resource Center

We are hiring education specialists! If you are passionate about LGBT+ education and are comfortable speaking in front of groups, we want you on our team for next semester. The Education Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator positions are 10 hours a week and open to undergraduate and grad students. . Both job postings are now on PantherJobs.




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