People of Color

Below are some frequently asked questions from queer and trans students of color at UWM.

Queer People of Color at UWM
Queer People of Color at UWM is a group committed to building community around, and highlighting the lived experiences of, queer and similarly identified people of color. The group’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals who identify as Queer and People of Color at UWM, while fostering a supportive and inclusive space  – socially, politically and environmentally.

Queer people of color may have particular needs around coming out and building community. Find some PDF resources and relevant organizations below.

QPOC Coming Out/Support Resources
Queer People of Color in Like has compiled a variety of Human Rights Campaign resources on coming out and how it relates to family, religion, and society for African American, Asian Pacific American, and Latin@ communities.

NE2SS Two-Spirit Resource Directory
The NorthEast Two-Spirit Society (NE2SS) has released their comprehensive resource directory for 2013. Check it out for US-based Two-Spirit groups, youth organizations, books, films, and training.

Shades of Yellow website
Shades of Yellow (SOY) is a Hmong LGBTQ nonprofit organization that works to provide support, education, advocacy, and leadership development. SOY has an active Facebook community.

We understand that having an LGBT+ identity as a person of color can be difficult to navigate at times. Take a look at our Integrating Identities page for additional resources based on specific racial and ethnic identities and their intersection with LGBT+ identities.

The UWM Office for Equity and Diversity’s mission is to integrate equal opportunity and diversity into UWM’s institutional climate. UWM’s policies provide equal opportunity in its admissions, employment, educational programs, and activities without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status. EDS is dedicated to preventing discrimination and guiding institutional compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Through educational programs, the investigation and resolution of complaints, and oversight activities, EDS fosters an environment and culture that appreciate all members of the UWM community.

For further information, please visit the Office for Equity and Diversity website.

Other Resources