In compliance with U.S. Government Regulations, UWM requires all students with an F-1 visa to have health insurance. F-1 students will be automatically enrolled in the UWM Student Health Insurance. Other plans will not be accepted. The cost for this insurance is the student’s responsibility and payment is due before class begins, along with tuition and fees.

Students will receive more information during orientation and can retrieve their insurance card online.

ELA students who are here with dependents (spouse and children) can purchase the same health insurance for their dependents, each dependent would pay the same rate for coverage that the ELA student has for the same time period. This coverage can only be purchased at the same time that the ELA student begins their insurance enrollment/ELA classes.

The more detailed information can be found on the Well Fleet Student website.

When a Student Becomes Ill

Medical services are available through the UWM Norris Health Center with a UWM ID card. Most medical visits are free for UWM students and a pharmacy is available. Any prescribed medication can be purchased at a lower cost to UWM students.

Students who become seriously ill or hurt on the weekend or after the UWM Norris Health Center is closed should go to the ER (Emergency Room) or Acute Care/Urgent Care clinic at a hospital. The nearest hospital to UWM is Columbia-St. Mary’s (2323 N. Lake Dr.).

Finding a Health Provider

On the Schedule of Benefits, the “In-Network” costs are cheaper than the “Out-of-Network” costs. You will want to find a “Preferred Provider” (doctor or hospital) “In-Network.”

To find a “Preferred Provider” (In-Network) doctor or hospital within Wisconsin, use the Well Fleet Student site. Click on “Find a…” to search for a Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy or Facility. Type in Milwaukee, WI or your town and then click search. You can add more filters, including language of doctor, to find a doctor suited to your needs.The ZIP code for the UWM neighborhood is 53211.

Co-Pays and Additional Costs

For an In-Network doctor or clinic, a student may still need to pay a “co-pay” for a doctor’s visit, as well as any laboratory, x-rays, or other tests.

Pharmacy Benefits

In addition to going to the pharmacy at the UWM Norris Health Center, Walgreens and CVS also have pharmacies and are close to campus. You will show your medical insurance ID card in order to receive special pricing as listed in the Schedule of Benefits.

Get an Online ID Card 

If you lose your card or would like an extra one, go to the Well Fleet Student site. Under “Search for your school” type “UWM” and select UW Milwaukee ELA (ESL). Create an account and follow the prompts to get a downloadable card.

Spring Mid-Semester Policy

If you are a student who has been admitted to our Intensive English Program for our Spring mid-semester session, then you are required to enroll in full-time study during the entire duration of our Summer session (2 months; see dates here.) per the English Language Academy policy. Exemptions to this policy may apply if you are planning to be out of the country during the entire duration of the Summer session. You can also be exempted from paying for the insurance during the entire Summer session if you will be out of the country for the entire duration of the Summer session. For the exemption to apply, you must provide a flight itinerary for the entire duration of the summer session. If you have any questions about this policy, please email the English Language Academy at

If you have any questions regarding health insurance, or if you need help submitting a Claim Form for reimbursement for services that you had to pay, please see Jody Forbeck, ELA Financial Specialist, in Curtin 684 or e-mail