Student Groups

The Honors College is excited to offer a number of different student created and student led groups for all Honors students to be a part of. These include:

The Flood: The Flood gives voice to environmental and social justice movements by flooding the offices of our representatives with calls for change and the streets with activists concerned for the future. We hope to pressure policymakers to enact specific reforms that address the human impact on climate change and protect United States’ most vulnerable citizens.

Creative Writing Club: The Honors College Creative Writing Club is a place for anyone of any major to write their own stories. It is a welcoming, low-risk community of students who like to read, write, and talk with other writers. Meetings are held each week where members can read their fellow students’ work, make comments, and answer fun writing prompts (like “Describe a color without saying what the color is. Can we guess it?”). All you need is something to write with!

The Honors Drama Club: The Honors Drama Club gives an opportunity for anyone in the Honors College to participate in the wonderful world of theatre. Every semester, the Honors Drama Club will put on a student performed and directed play comprised of members of the Honors College. No previous theatre experience is required, just the conviction to put on a show.