Seminar Courses

Honors College seminars encourage inquiry, discovery, and student-faculty discussions.

All incoming students are required to complete at least one section of the introductory Honors College seminar: Honors 200–Shaping of the Modern Mind.This seminar is designed to prepare students to begin reading closely, thinking critically, and writing at the college-level.


Recent Honors 200 Topics

  • Bandits
  • Devious Cinema
  • Turmoil, Tragedy, and Triumph
  • Boundaries of the Human
  • Freudian Slips

Upon reaching sophomore standing, and successful completion of Honors 200, students are eligible to enroll in upper-level seminars.

Recent Upper-level Topics

  • Planet in Crisis
  • Cyborg Literature
  • To Laugh or To Cry? Comedy, Tragedy, and the End of Civilization
  • A Failed System? An Exploration of America’s Health and Healthcare System
  • Hip Hop America