In addition to small class sizes, excellent instructors, and a beautiful learning community in the Honors House, Honors College students benefit from a number of additional resources and opportunities to assist them on their path.

The Honors Degree

mirandaStudents who complete the Honors College curriculum receive an Honors Degree—the highest undergraduate degree available at UWM. Graduating with an Honors Degree provides convincing evidence of outstanding academic achievement, a valuable accomplishment students can note on resumes and graduate, law, and medical school applications.

Priority Registration

Honors students receive Priority Registration to ensure they can integrate their Honors requirements into their major curriculum. For specific information about utilizing priority registration, please see the current course book.

Writing Skills Assistance

The Honors College Writing Specialist, Lydia Equitz, is available to help students plan, write, and revise essays, as well as prepare personal statements for graduate, law, and medical school applications. She also schedules periodic writing workshops that explain the logic and science of writing tools and conventions so students can improve their writing.

Honors Study Space

reclinerstudy1The Honors House features two Student Centers for study, conversation, and socializing: the Honors Library (169), designated for quiet study, and the Honors Living Room/Solarium (105); both rooms are open to Honors students during regular building hours.

Honors College Advisory Committee

Each semester two Honors upper-classmen are chosen to serve as members of the Honors College Advisory Committee (HCAC). The HCAC determines operations of the Honors College, including admissions and general curriculum, and evaluates new course proposals, as well as reviewing  and considering modifications to the structure and policies of the Honors College.